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Jul 10

Some more hints…

If you don’t quite get all the sentences on When Tumblr is down here are a few more hints:


Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle


You can see previous hints here and here.

*Bonus hint: If you hover over the links you get extra details :)

Mar 19

A few more hints…

How many times have you refreshed the page? Have you seen them all? Do you get them all? If you don’t quite get the reference in some of them here are a few hints:

Fight Club

Jake and Amir


That’ll be all.
Until next time…

In case you missed it, here are a few previous hints.

Nov 05

Get it?

If you don’t get some of the references on When Tumblr is down here are a few hints:

Garfield Minus Garfield


Twitter Status

That’s all for now…

Can you find the matching references on When Tumblr is down?